All About me . . .

Introduce my self

My name is Dian Farha Utami, I am first child of two brothers. I was born on 15 September 1991, so this year I stepped on the age of 21 years. Hopefully my goal to be achieved in this year’s baccalaureate. About my hobbies, well actually confused what to say about it, my hobby walk, why I like it because we interact with the world outside the mind becomes calm, the mind is clean, has a new spirit to lead the new activity. Not only that I might be this one can be said one of the hobbies that go into the world of education, I love a poem. Because when we make a poem, that’s where we can express all the existing content in the liver. Although the poem that I made is still limited to the level of poetry that is still easy. If you want to see my poems, you can see on link in my collection on there save my  poems.

I am grateful to be born in a modest family, but until now I still be able to occupy the world of education after high school graduation. My mother taught me many things in besyukur. Whatever our circumstances we should be grateful, because then our lives will always feel fulfilled. Talking about my mother, I really admire my mom because my mom was a great lady. My mother was smart at everything, when at home all day would be spoiled with her delicious cooking, not only cook he could also be a salon when I want to cut my hair. He is also fashionable, smart in choosing the appropriate clothes for the family. My mother is the mother of the best in the world, nothing can replace it in my heart. In my heart who’s number one.

My big dream was to please my mother. I will despatch the mother to the holy land of Mecca with the results of my efforts when I was working. I hope my mother so lucky so she can go there with my father too, of course. Hopefully my struggles are not complicated by Allah SWT. I also want to give special facilities, I want to buy a big house to live with his mother and father on the day their parents. I want to repay their service with gave caring such as I was a kid who was always spoiled by them.

 My father was the most important person in my life. I hope all his hard work to send to college is not in vain. My father is very loyal to his children, when her child needs he always found time for his son. Always keep the children. Oh I’m really lucky, have a modest family but abundant affection. Thanks mom. Thank you father.. 🙂 🙂 🙂 :*


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