Malin Kundang Story

At one time, there lived a family of fishermen on the coast of Sumatra region. The familyconsists of father, mother and a son named Malin Kundang. Because of family financialcondition of concern, the father decided to make a living in the country across the vastseas. And only the Malin and his mother in their huts. A week, two weeks, a month, twomonths even more 1 year old, Malin’s father also did not return to his hometown. So shehad to replace the position of Malin’s father to make a living.

Malin including a smart kid but a bit naughty. He often chasing chickens and hithim with a broom. One day, when Malin was chasing chickens, she tripped on a rock andinjured his right arm hit the rock. It becomes a scratch wound dilengannya and not getlost.

After growing up, Malin Kundang feel sorry for her mother who slam the bonesfor a living to raise themselves. He thought of making a living abroad in the hope thatlater when I returned to my hometown, he had become a wealthy man. Malin interestedin the invitation of a merchant ship captain who was once poor now become a wealthyman.Malin Kundang the point to his mother.

Her mother does not agree with the original intent Malin Kundang, but due tohold urgent Malin, Malin Kundang mother finally agreed though with a heavy heart.After preparing enough supplies and equipment, Malin immediately headed to the dock accompanied by his mother. “My son, if you are successful and become a wealthy man,do not you forget about your mother and this halamannu ward, son”, says Malin Kundang mother tearfully. Malin ridden ships increasingly remote with a wave accompanied byMother Malin Kundang. During his stay in the boat, Malin Kundang lot to learn about the seamanship of the crews that have been experienced. Along the way, riding the shiptibatiba Malin Kundang were attacked by pirates. All commodities traders who were onthe ship seized by pirates. Even most of the crew and people on the ship were killed bythe pirates.

Malin Kundang very lucky he was not killed by the pirates, because when ithappened, Malin immediately hid in a small space enclosed by the timber. MalinKundang in limbo amid the sea, until finally ship stranded on a beach. With the rest of the existing energy, Malin Kundang walked to the nearest village from the beach.Arriving in the village, Malin Kundang helped by people in the village after previouslytelling what happened to him. Malin marooned villages where the village is very fertile.With tenacity and perseverance in work, Malin gradually became a wealthy man. He hasa lot of merchant ships with men of more than 100 people.

Having become rich, Malin Kundang to marry a girl to be his wife. News MalinKundang who has become rich and have been married to the mother also Malin Kundang. Mother Malin Kundang feel grateful and very happy his son had succeeded. Since then,the mother Malin Kundang every day go to the dock, waiting for her son who may return  to his hometown. After some time married, Malin and his wife made the voyagewith a ship that big and beautiful with the crew and a lot of bodyguards.

Malin Kundang mothers who stay with their children every day, saw a very beautiful ship, went to the harbor. He saw two people standing on the deck of a ship. He believes that standing was his son and his wife Malin Kundang. Malin Kundang descended from the ship. He was greeted by his mother. Once close enough, his mother saw right dilengan dozen people injured, the more convinced his mother that he wasapproached Malin Kundang. “Malin Kundang, my son, why did you go so long without sending you?”, He said, hugging Malin Kundang. But what happens then? MalinKundang immediately release her mother’s arms and pushed it down. “Women do notknow yourself, as carelessly claimed her”, says Malin Kundang at his mother. MalinKundang pretended not to recognize her mother, embarrassed by her mother who is oldand wearing tattered clothes. “She’s your mother?”, Malin Kundang wife ask. “No, hewas just a beggar who pretended to be admitted as a mother to get my property,” Malinsaid to his wife.

Hearing statement and treated arbitrarily by his son, Malin Kundang mother veryangry. He had not expected her to be rebellious child. Because anger is mounting, Malin’smother raised her hand, saying “Oh God, if he was my son, I swear he became a rock”.Soon the wind roared loud and violent storm destroyed the ship came Malin Kundang.After that Malin Kundang body slowly becomes stiff and over time eventually shapedinto a rock.


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